Dumfries Named One Of The Hardest Towns To Pass Your Motorbike Test

  • A new study from the bike insurance experts at Comparethemarket has revealed the cities and towns around the UK with the highest and lowest pass rates for motorbike exams.
  • The places with the highest pass rates were found to be Southampton, Berwick-On-Tweed, and Stoke-On-Trent.
  • Kirkham, Glasgow and Hamilton were found to have the lowest pass rates.
  • April is the best month to take your motorbike test.

With searches for “how to get a motorbike license” up by 62% , a new study has looked to find the places around the UK where you are most and least likely to pass.

The study from the bike insurance experts at Comparethemarket, analysed five years of government test data [2], to reveal the UK cities with the highest and lowest motorbike pass rates.

Southampton was found to have the highest pass rates of 91.7%, with Berwick-On-Tweed (88.2%) and Stoke-On-Trent (86.7%) following behind in second and third place respectively.

The top 10 cities to pass were found to be:

Rank Test Centre Pass %
1 Southampton (Maybush) 91.7%
2 Berwick-On-Tweed 88.2%
3 Stoke-on-Trent (Newcastle-Under-Lyme) 86.7%
4 Workington 86.2%
5 Kendal (Oxenholme Road) 83.8%
6 Heysham 83.4%
=7 Salisbury 83.1%
=7 Grangemouth 83.1%
8 Dorchester 83%
9 Pembroke Dock 82.9%
10 Barrow In Furness 82.8%

Where are you least likely to pass?

Looking at the cities where you’re least likely to pass, Kirkham came in the top spot with a pass rate of 59.9%. Glasgow and Hamilton followed closely behind with a pass rate of 60.9% and 61.2% respectively.

The 10 cities with the lowest pass rates were:

Rank Test Centre Pass %
1 Kirkham LGV 59.9%
2 Glasgow (Shieldhall) 60.9%
3 Hamilton 61.2%
4 Uxbridge (London) 62.5%
5 Dumfries 63.6%
6 Folkestone 64.2%
7 Erith (London) 64.5%
=8 Launceston 64.9%
=8 Gloucester 64.9%
9 Enfield (Innova Business Park) 65.3%
10 Weedon LGV 65.8%

Months with the highest pass rates

The research also went on to reveal whether there is a specific month in the year that is best to take your motorbike exam.

It was found that April, marginally, had the highest pass rate of 73.6%, with May, February and July not far behind. When it comes to the times of year you are least likely to pass, October, November and December have the lowest pass rates annually all at around 71%.

Month Total Pass %
April 73.6%
May 73.1%
February 73.1%
July 73%
June 72.7%
August 72.6%
January 72.3%
March 72.2%
September 71.9%
December 71.4%
October 71.1%
November 71%
Commenting on the research, Julie Daniels at Comparethemarket, says: Common first-time rider mistakes can happen in the process of learning to ride a motorbike and can lead to expensive accidents or even damage to the bike you’re learning on. That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure you have the right kind of cover to suit your needs, as well as ensuring you’re avoiding hefty fines by completing your compulsory basic training (CBT) exam first.”

To help those looking at getting their motorbike license, Comparethemarket have complied their top tips here: https://www.comparethemarket.com/motorbike-insurance/content/motorbike-licence/