Guest Blog – Alessandra’s (aged 10) Wickerman Review

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This is why we love doing DGWGO. This Wickerman Festival report was unexpectedly sent into us by 10 year old Alessandra from Cheshire. 

Alessandra thank you so much for sending us your review and pictures – we are sure everyone will love it!

When I arrived at the Wickerman my eyes fell on the thousands of people dancing away to what seemed like a rock band. My Uncle went to meet his friends whilst my Mum, Dad, brother and I explored and headed towards the Scooter Tent. It was amazing. It seemed like hundreds of people on pogo sticks bouncing whilst singing along to Bombskare! They went mad! Well I have to admit I did! Then my Uncle bobbed in with his friends and we all had a good dance to a Scottish Madness!

Next we went to the Wickerman itself! I had never seen such an amazing but scary thing in my life, it was massive! We went right up to it and it was very cleverly made! At teatime I had a delicious hog roast on a bap! My brother had a foot long hot dog, which he said was yummy, and my Mum and Dad had a Thai meal.

At the Summerisle Stage I enjoyed watching KT Tunstall and dancing along to Nile Rodgers with special guest Chic. He took some photos of the crowd and when, the music sounded, Scotland went crazy! Some of the disco moves were great but others maybe needed a lot more practise. Everybody had a smile on their face and the atmosphere went funky!

I also enjoyed seeing the people in fancy dress! Some went punk others went British and one man went wicker! Clowns, Rock stars and her royal majesty the queen! Others turned into a fashion victims! There were also a lot of people in neon and neon face paint!

At 8:30 my family and I went to the V.I.P area to meet Zoe Bestel. We chatted and I have her autograph as well as a photo with her! We chatted about Ukuleles and other stuff such as me playing the clarinet!

On Saturday we listened to some more great music before heading off to the funfair area and we went on lots of rides! My brother and I went on Freak Out, a car ride and Crazy Bulls! The tickles in my tummy and the scare from being so high made Freak Out my favourite.

It was hilarious when a clown followed a police man for about 20 meters and had a fake cream pie in his hand the whole crowd went berserk!

A highlight was in the Acoustic tent where the FUNKY Dumfries Community Choir performed. They were epic and we all joined in! Before we went to find a spot to watch Dexys and Amy MacDonald perform, we had some food and I had yet another hog roast! I should have really had something different because there were lots of food stores! Later on I got hungry and so I went with my Uncle and his friend , I had a second tea! Some delicious jerk chicken wrap. I bumped into Zoe again and we had a good chat. My cousin and her friend were also there and they had a photo with Zoe and I.

Amy MacDonald was amazing so we watched her and then saw what makes the Wickerman special, the Wickerman burning and fireworks! Wow! I took some good advice from my Uncle’s friend on how to take the photos.
Thank you Wickerman for an amazing weekend!

By Alessandra from Cheshire
Aged 10


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