Featured Photographer – Hilo Pitkeathly

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Hilo Pitkeathly is my Dad and Myself  – both of us are called Stuart Pitkeathly, very lazy naming if you ask me Dad. My Dad takes the Aerial photos from his Paramotor and I take all the low stuff.

I have always had an interest in art since I can remember, whether is be painting drawing or now taking pictures and making videos. The pictures I take are really simplistic bright colours easy to look at. I really dislike staged canned photography be it family mug shots or that cheesy picture that doesn’t show the real persons. I want to look back at things as they were not as they were staged to be, that’s where my Dads aerial shots come in. Towns and places can change quickly and its great to capture moment in time that will bring back memories for people in years to come. Anyone can take photos from the ground but the perspective from above really is something else.

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You can see more images on the Hilo Pitkeathly Facebook Page and videos on their YouTube channel

I use a small Sony Nex camera not a big DSLR with a miniature telescope attached, I would rather just walk closer to the picture. The only thing i would say if your wanting to take up photography is “take lots of photos that YOU like”. Spend more time taking pictures than on forums talking about ISOs and aperture size. Process the images with your eyes first then capture it with the camera.

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Our goal with these pictures is to encourage people to look at what they have on there door step, Dumfries and Galloway has some amazing landscapes and nature you just need to go outside to see it.

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Stuart Pitkeathly
Hilo Pitkeathly

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