Featured Photographer – Kevin Sloan

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Kevin is based in Heathhall in Dumfries currently 34 years old and living with his wife Linda and son Marshall. He has recently established his business in Dumfries in April 2013 after an unexpected redundancy.

With a strong interest in motorsport he decided back in 2004 to pick up the camera to record the sports he loves attending.

It wasn’t until 2005 that in Dumfries itself Colin, Alister and father Jimmy McRae all competed in the RSAC Scottish rally and I don’t think Kevin has put his camera down since.

Kevin is recognised for his dedication to Motorsport through many if his personal projects with the driver, teams, branding companies.

When he starting moving forward with his photography he moved on to other subjects taking in Eden festival which is a growing event that takes place at Raehills meadows in Dumfries and Galloway which landed Kevin with a double page spread in the well know Digital SLR magazine, other publications include Pacenotes magazine, Eden festival website, South Of Scotland car club website and various newspapers.

He feels privileged to live in Dumfries and Galloway as there is so much subject to photograph and so many events locally you are never stuck for fresh and different ideas.

Dumfries has good reputation and everyone he meets when out on location throughout the region usually either says a polite hello or even stops for a chat asking what he is taking photos of.

More recent additions to Kevin business venture include setting up a portrait studio which has enjoyed an early success and creating his own calendars both for landscape and motorsport which will be available soon featuring lots of local views and local rally teams.

Check out Kevin’s website for more information or his Facebook Page

Photography tips and advice:
Learn the basics and get out and take some shots to learn what different settings give you.
Nothing you take is wrong it’s all art in in its own way you are the only judge to say if it’s good or not.
Camera equipment:
Camera: Canon EOS5D MK2
Lenses: Canon 70-300mm IS USM Canon 28-80mm

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