Moffat Medical Practice Moves Under Interim NHS Board Management

A GENERAL medical practice in Moffat comes under direct NHS Board management from tomorrow, with significant challenges.  


And those challenges are immediate, with the practice handling appointments on an emergency basis only this Thursday and Friday – as work takes place to move it towards a more normal footing from next week.


Deputy Medical Director Grecy Bell said: “We were very frank when we said that there would be challenges if we couldn’t appoint an alternate provider to deliver GP services out of Moffat Surgery.
“There were no bidders for the contract, which means it now moves under direct NHS Board management.
“This situation is not ideal, as we look to ensure we have the required level of staffing in the interim until the contract is awarded to a new provider.
“We are currently undertaking the necessary preparatory work to advertise the contract, which we hope to do as soon as possible, and in a way that we can hopefully generate a good degree of interest.

“Primary care staffing is in demand nationally, and we know that this is a competitive field, but we hope that with the support of communities served by the contract we can identify a provider which can help meet the needs of people within this area.

“As we move forward, services at the practice will be delivered by a range of medical professionals. As seen in all practices nationally, GPs will serve as professional leads, but will often not be the person a patient will see. This is the approach across the rest of the region and Scotland as a whole, as set out by the latest General Medical Services contract.”


As Moffat Surgery moves under direct NHS Board management, leaflets have been posted to all patients informing them of the change, and the arrangements which will be in place over the interim.


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