Newton Stewart Sub Aqua Club To The Rescue, To Find Missing Engagement Ring

Lydia Marie Munden put an appeal out on Social media on Sunday to ask if any experienced and professional divers could help her, after she lost her engagement ring in the deep water of Loch Arthur near New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway.  

Lydia said “A faulty dry bag has sent my engagement ring to the bottom of Loch Arthur. It’s in a sealed waterproof pouch with my phone and unfortunately is too deep to find or retrieve without the proper gear and experience.

This morning Lydia contacted DGWGO to tell us “A team of three divers from the Newton Stewart Sub Aqua Club have very generously volunteered and arranged for a rescue attempt of the engagement ring dropped into Loch Arthur. Others will be helping with the attempt on their canoes and kayaks. It’s been incredible to see so many people in from across the region offer their help.”