Pauline Louise Drysdale Elected Local Councillor for Dee and Glenkens

Pauline Louise Drysdale

Pauline Louise Drysdale, the Conservative and Unionist candidate, has been elected as a local councillor for the Dee and Glenkens Ward following the by-election.
The public from across the Dee and Glenkens ward voted on Thursday 13 December. The votes were counted at Daar Road, Kirkcudbright on Friday 14 December.

Pauline was elected at Stage 4 of the count.

Surname Description First Preference Votes Total Votes
Jennifer Blue UKIP 46 Eliminated at Stage 1

Pauline Louise Drysdale Scottish Conservative and Unionist 1,682 1,956

Laura Elizabeth Moodie Scottish Green Party 342 Eliminated at Stage 2

Glen Murray Scottish National Party 1,024 1,357

Colin Matthew Wyper Independent 569 Eliminated at Stage 3

Non Transferable Votes
Ballot papers rejected as void: 29
Total votes cast: 3,692