Scottish HIV Charity To Close

For almost 30 years, HIV Scotland has supported thousands of people to live with HIV and thrive.

In a statement a spokesperson for HIV Scotland Said “Our teams have worked on behalf of all those living with, and at risk of, HIV to ensure that Scotland has responsive policies, quality services, and a supportive environment that enable our community to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
However, due to a number of significant challenges, the Board has taken the incredibly difficult decision to wind-up the charity. We want to thank all staff, volunteers and communities who have supported HIV Scotland since groups first came together in 1994 to support each other.
We are proud of our achievements and legacy of work to improve the lives of those living with, or at risk of HIV, as we all look toward a Scotland where we can eliminate HIV transmission by 2030.”

HIV Scotland has been operating within a complex and challenging environment. This has included significant changes in governance, with the recruitment of a new Chair and Board and an entirely new management and staff team within the last two years. While this brought some stability to the charity, there have been some recent changes within the organisation’s governance which have caused concern. This has led to the Chair and a significant number of the Board resigning from their positions.

Ongoing issues which are faced by HIV Scotland include the precarious funding climate and maintaining the support of our external stakeholders. The remaining board members were unable to identify a unifying solution that would allow the charity to resume functionality. The board will therefore work with staff and stakeholders as the charity is wound-down.

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