Sharon Halliday

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Hidden Galloway is the photography website for Sharon Halliday. It will showcase photography, thoughts and other artworks on occasion.

Based in Galloway again after a 12 years stint in Glasgow it’s very much a back to her roots period in her life. She was born and raised in Galloway on a beef and sheep farm near Crocketford, all sides of her family having been farming in Galloway for hundreds of years.

The theme of belonging to the land and part of the land is strong and Sharon tries to explore this with her photography, looking at what captivates us about a place and what roots us to that place. The beauty, the familiarity or the practicality of the land shown in the ‘shadows of the past’ uses belied by every contour.

She aims to reveal ‘views less seen’ and to try and capture the particular spell it holds over her and all those others who come here.

Much of her photography features places, and subjects that are off the tourist route and typically hidden from view. The name ‘Hidden Galloway’ comes in part from this, and for those that know her it is also a play on the naming of a long standing and ongoing community web project she started in 2001; Hidden Glasgow, where the aim has been to uncover the hidden side of the city though, photography, maps, historical research and story telling. The spirit of this is carried through into Hidden Galloway where the HG motto to “Always look twice” will continue to be embraced.

The image galleries and blog will be updated regularly. To be kept in the loop follow Hidden Galloway on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Or join the mailing list , where the updates won’t be frequent, but will see something nice landing in your inbox on occasion.

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“I always shoot raw, then do some initial processing in ‘camera raw’ before finishing off in Photoshop”