Showcase Pro Wrestling in Dumfries

On Friday Night SHOWCASE WRESTLING arrived at the Club at Lochside Dumfries, DGWGO were invited along to see what it was all about . So we sent our roving reporter and very keen Sports photographer Kevin Sloan of KSS Images along for the evening, on his second official DGWGO outing ! This is what Kevin had to say about his evening , and he has shared with us a wee selection of his photo’s from the evening !

American Style Showcase Wrestling: A cracking event held in the Club at Lochside hosted and well organised by Paul Geddes.

On arrival at the club I passed everyone waiting in the stairway feeling excited for the event to start but I must say it was a wide age group it was covering, some of the older fans were more excited than the younger ones! Once everyone was seated waiting on the action to start the smoke machine began and out came the first two wrestlers what more could you ask for a Scotland VS England to kick off the evening. Scotland victorious got the crowd on their feet cheering on as Danny Boy left the stage. There were some crazy moves from all wrestlers including a lot of flying through the air even some use of some metal chairs and a lot of crowd participation as wrestling in the audience seemed to get everyone excited where some of them were egging the wrestlers on and heckling their opponents. Was a great fun night all in all everyone enjoyed the event let’s hope it’s the comeback for wrestling as it has a good following..

The Official results were

Wrestling LIVE @ The Club, Dumfries 30th August 2013

– Danny Boy (Scotland) defeated Mike Musso (England)

– Nathan Black defeated Liam Watson (Caledonian Cup Semi)

– James Scott (c) defeated Jam O’Malley (Caledonian Cup Semi)

– El Technico defeated Solar – Viper defeated Sara – Solar bested 4 others in a Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

– James Scott defeated Nathan Black (Caledonian Cup Final)


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