Stranded Yacht Rescued at Lochryan

At 1.44 pm on Monday 01/07/2024, HM Coastguard requested the Launch of Stranraer Life-Boat to report of a 31ft sailing vessel which had drifted aground, no propulsion, with 2 persons onboard.
Stranraer ILB launched into South Lochryan and traced the casualty vessel, on assessment the vessel was noted to be hard aground and after discussion with the casualty vessel skipper it was decided that both persons would be returned to shore and left in the care of Stranraer coastguard.
At 1830 hours, same date, Stranraer ILB re-launched returning the persons to the vessel and assisting them to re-float with the rising tide. A tow was established where the casualty vessel was taken into Stranraer Marina and again left in the care of Stranraer Coastguard.
Once casualty vessel was secured. Stranraer ILB stood down and made ready for service at 2056 hours.