Strong Message Issued Against Abuse Towards DGHSCP Staff & Volunteers

A VERY firm approach is being taken by Dumfries and Galloway Health and Social Care Partnership (DGHSCP) against any abuse directed at staff and volunteers. 


The Partnership is determined to ensure an understanding that it will not tolerate any form of abuse, particularly those based on prejudice and intolerance.


Workforce Director Caroline Cooksey said: “The dedicated staff and volunteers within DGHSCP work tirelessly to provide essential health and social care services to the community. They are the backbone of our organisation and deserve our support, not abuse.
“We will not stand for any form of abuse, particularly those motivated by prejudice and intolerance. Such behaviour is utterly unacceptable. We are committed to creating a safe and respectful environment for all our staff and volunteers.”


DGHSCP notes that abuse of any kind can have a significant impact on the physical and mental well-being of its staff and volunteers, and is committed to taking appropriate action against those who engage in such behaviour.


Mrs Cooksey said: “We ask that everyone treat our staff and volunteers with the respect they deserve.
“Our health and social care systems are currently under unprecedented amounts of pressure, and are not functioning as we would want them to.
“As an organisation we recognise this, and the frustrations and discontent people may be experiencing as a result.
“However, front line staff and volunteers have a vital role in providing essential services to our community. They routinely go above and beyond in their efforts, and they should be respected and supported.
“This applies not just to the staff and volunteers working directly under the NHS or the local authority, but those who provide services under contract – including GPs, dentists, pharmacists, ophthalmologists, etc – with a recognition that they are often subject to inexcusable abuse.”


DGHSCP recognises that abuse can take many forms, including verbal, physical, and emotional abuse, and encourages anyone who witnesses or experiences abuse to report it immediately.


The organisation will take swift action to address any incidents of abuse and ensure the safety and well-being of staff and volunteers.


Mrs Cooksey said: “We want staff and volunteers within the Partnership to feel safe and respected while they are working to serve our communities.
“Abuse of any form is unacceptable, and we encourage anyone who witnesses or experiences abuse to come forward and report it.
“We will take swift action to address any incidents of abuse and ensure the safety and well-being of staff and volunteers.”

DGHSCP staff also stand with their colleagues in other public services who are facing similar risks.


Abuse and violence against emergency service workers in the police, fire service, ambulance service and prison service makes their jobs harder and endangers everyone who depends on them.

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