Tenants Settle Into New Energy Efficient Affordable Homes in Dalbeattie

Tenants are now enjoying bright new energy-efficient homes in a £3.8 million project that has completely transformed and regenerated a derelict brownfield site.

The development consists of a mixture of general needs and amenity properties, all designed and constructed to Passivhaus standards.

Station Road resident, Alan Vinnie, said: “Having grown up in this area, I’ve loved the opportunity to come back to my roots after so many years.

“This is so much more than just a home to me. I lost my job a few years ago and with that I lost my house too. I was made homeless and was offered accommodation in Stranraer. I had to put all my stuff into storage, but I had no choice but to move.

“After half a year I was moved over to Castle Douglas. While I was closer to family, my mental health suffered. The windows looked out to nothing, you couldn’t even see what the weather was like, and my mum couldn’t visit as it wasn’t accessible – that really upset the both of us.

“I didn’t enjoy living there and neither did my dog, Rhett. He’s been my rock over the last few years so to see him so unhappy was heartbreaking.

“I was in desperate need of a fresh start and I was over the moon to be offered one of these new homes. This is the beginning of a brand-new chapter and I can already notice a difference in my wellbeing.

“I really do see myself retiring here. I’ve found somewhere that I belong.”

Each new home has been carefully designed and built to meet the highest standards of comfort, energy-efficiency and accessibility, ensuring a positive living experience for all.

Alan continued: “I had no idea what having Passivhaus home meant and before moving in I didn’t appreciate it for what it really was. I found it so interesting how it all worked.

“You can just tell that there’s something different about the way that the house operates. You can really notice the change in the air and it’s so quiet.

“The homes are so much more efficient, and it’ll really help to lower my energy bills which is another huge relief. I think all future builds should be of this standard.

“I’ve been smiling ever since I moved in, I couldn’t be happier about being back.”

The airtight homes contain high levels of insulation and use mechanical heat recovery ventilation to help remove condensation and moisture, while providing a regulated temperature throughout the property.

Gavin Johnston, our Director of Property and Development, said: “We are immensely proud to welcome tenants into their new homes and hope that their enhanced energy-efficient design delivers on our aspirations for the success of the development.

“These tenants are embarking on a new chapter of sustainable living, in homes fit for the future, where they can flourish and create lasting memories.

“They are a testament to Loreburn’s commitment to a sustainable future, where technology and intelligent design principles converge to create homes which support a sustainable future for our tenants.’

“With a focus on the future, the design ensures that tenants can create a lifetime of memories within their walls, fostering a sense of belonging and a deep connection to their community and new home.”

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