Victim Support receives £750 from Unpaid Work sale

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Victim Support receives £750 from Unpaid Work sale


Friday, 14 February 2014 04:01 PM


A cheque for £750 was handed over to the charity Victim Support on Thursday 13 February at the Community Payback Unit, King Street, Dumfries.

Chair of Social Work Services Committee, Councillor Andy Ferguson is Chair of Social Work Services Committee and Vice-Convener of the South West Community Justice Authority.  He said, “The money is the profit from a sale of work organised by our Council’s Unpaid Work team and held in December 2013 at the former Baker’s Oven in Dumfries.   All the items sold, including woodwork, arts and crafts, were made at the King Street by offenders who had received Community Payback Orders. It’s good to see that this unpaid work has made such a substantial sum for charity.”

Joyce Cooke from Victim Support said, ” Victim Support operates throughout the whole of Dumfries and Galloway, offering support to people affected by crime. The work is carried out by volunteers supported by staff and this very welcome donation will be spent locally on volunteer expenses and training. This opportune time of European Victims’ Week allows Victim Support to highlight our work in the local community and our partnership working of which the Community Payback Unit is part.”

Councillor Ted Thompson, Vice Chair of the Social Work Services Committee, said, “Community Payback Orders are some of the ways for the courts to deal with people who have committed a criminal offence. I am pleased to see that the sale of these art and craft items is going to benefit the victims of crime.”

Offenders may be required to:
Carry out hours of Unpaid Work in the community.
Be subject to periods of supervision.
Specific conduct requirements to address re-offending
Pay compensation to the victim or victims.
Participate in alcohol, drug or mental health treatment interventions.
Have their conduct and behaviour monitored by criminal justice teams.
Identify employability and training opportunities.
Take part in group work to address specific behaviour, eg domestic abuse, sexual offences, prolific offending, addiction difficulties.

Unpaid work can include:


  • Building eco-plant areas for school children
  • Building and renovating garden furniture for community projects and schools
  • Renovating land for use as allotments
  • Repainting community centres or churches
  • Market gardening and distributing the produce to care homes and local charities.
  • Art work which is sold and the profits donated to charity.
  • Grass cutting and clearance of local rights of way.
  • Cutting, processing and distributing logs and kindling for winter warmth scheme.
  • Graffiti Removal.
  • Working in a group or individual basis for local charities
  • Cleaning of public places
  • Removing snow and ice from paths

If you have an idea for unpaid work that could be done in your community, you can find a form to complete at send to us here:

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