Exciting New Live Art Installation Comes To Dumfries

“Hidden down one of Dumfries’ ancient alleyways there is a place where everything that’s been lost throughout time has been found. Items have been tagged, categorised and filed in the hope that one day someone will come and claim them. Have you lost something?”

Taking visitors on an immersive journey of discovery, The Lost Property Office is a live art installation at a secret location in the heart of Dumfries taking place over the last weekend in August.

The Lost Property Office, created by a collective of six artists, will see an array of suitcases, parcels, boxes and strange and intriguing lost objects installed in a secret location. Each visitor will be given a special map to locate the office, once inside they will be invited to open and explore a lost item. What will be found? Forgotten dreams, journey’s never made, untold stories, curious personal collections and perhaps unexpected possibilities for finding joy, hope, beauty and the potential for change.

On behalf of the group, artist Jo Hodges said:

“The idea for The Lost Property Office was conceived in 2019 by a group of six artists who have worked together in various configurations for over 20 years. At the time of conception, no-one had heard of Covid-19. Post 2020 the theme of ‘Lost and Found’ seems more relevant than ever.”


The Lost Property Office

Dates: Sat 28th August and Sunday 29th August (timed slots of 30 minutes duration)

Location: Dumfries Town Centre. Directions to the venue will be made available after booking

Booking online at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/lost-property-office-tickets-165656490021


Each booking is for up to two people age 16 and over.

For further information contact The Lost Property Collective

Email: [email protected]

Check our event listing HERE

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