BBC Entertainment North are looking for FUN AND LIVELY contestants for an exciting new quiz show. You will need to use strategy and tactics as well as general knowledge to answer a mixture of multiple choice and brainteaser questions to be in with a chance of winning the prize pot.


Can you spot the weak players in your team in order to boost your chances of winning big?

Test your tactics!
Setup your strategy!
Generate your game plan!
Point out the perfect players!

Six players start the quiz, but the team becomes divided very quickly. Identifying each player’s strengths and weaknesses early on is vital, as one contestant will become the leader and have control over which of their five teammates answer general knowledge questions to increase the prize money. It is important for the leader to pick the correct team mate to answer the multiple choice questions in order to boost their chances of winning big.

At the end of the round, if any of the five team mates think their leader is letting them down, they have the chance to challenge them and take over their role, resulting in the original leader leaving the show.

One of the six team mates must leave the show after each round so if the team don’t challenge their leader, they will have to go head to head with each other. This continues until only two players remain and they will play together in the final.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to walk away with the prize pot, get in touch ASAP!
[email protected]


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