‘Old timer’ Returns To Dumfries Town Band

An old clock which was presented to a former member of Dumfries Town Band on the occasion of his wedding over 100 years ago has now been handed back to the band.

The ornate wooden case wall clock was a gift from the band to a Henry Wells when he got married on 16 July 1909.

Henry’s great grandson Calum Gray and his wife Julia decided to return the clock to the band for future generations of musicians to appreciate. It will now be hung on the wall of the Dumfries band hall for all to admire and enjoy.

A brass plate inscription on the timepiece reads: “Presented to H Wells by the Dfs Town Band on the occasion of his marriage. 16/7/09.”

Calum said: “The clock had been hanging on the wall of my parents’ house all of my life.  It travelled with my mum and dad across all of the UK and also Turkey and Spain when they lived abroad.
“My granny lived in Dumfries and Glasgow so the clock would also have travelled to those places with her. It was an important part of family history for my granny who’d had a difficult life. She contracted polio when she was young and was only unable to walk with difficulty since then.
“I’m sure she could have sold the clock when times were tough but she kept hold of it as it had belonged to her parents.”

It is uncertain what instrument Henry played or what role he had with the band.

Dumfries Town Band chair Gillian Tweedie commented: “We were absolutely delighted when Calum and Julia offered the clock back to us for putting up in the band hall. It is such an impressive timepiece which represents a happy moment in our band’s history.”


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