Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held weekly Primestock Sale in Dumfries on Wednesday.
A smaller show of clean cattle were short of buyers requirements and sold at recent high rates, more butcher heifers could be sold to advantage with live trade now vastly out doing deadweight. Sale topped at 222ppk for Limousin Heifer from A & WR Wilson, Newmains to W Lindsay Butchers Creetown
Other Top Prices Limousin Heifer to 221p Newmains, Duncow to B Taylor Butchers Lockerbie
A Good Show of 45 Cows were forward to a full ringside of buyers all keen for cattle. Good well fleshed beef cows easily sold and all other types met recent high rates selling to a top of 162p for a Simmental from RB Oliphant, Shawfield.
Top Prices Per Kg
Simmental to 162p, 152 Shawfield, 150p Meikleholm
Angus to 147p Bogue, 144p Millantae
Charolais to 140p Kirkland
Limousin to 140p Ballaggan
Devon to 139p Greenwrae
British Friesian to 131p, 129p Dinwoodie Green
Holstein to 131p Hartfield, 130p Smallholmburn, 126p Longrigg
Shorthorn to 129p Ballaggan
Luing to 127p Kirkland
British Blue to 125p Powhillon
Per Head
Simmental to £1328.40, £1276.80 Shawfield, £1125 Meikleholm, £1011.70 Dollard
Angus to £1238.40 Millantae, £1029 Bogue, £1024.80 Innerfield
Devon to £1223.20 Greenwrae
Holstein to £1126.60 Hartfield, £1108.80 Longrigg, £1076.90 Trailflat, £1046.50 Smallholmburn
Charolais to £1099 Kirkland
Limousin to £1015.00
British Friesian to £903.90 Dinwoodie Green
Shorthorn to £864.30 Ballaggan
Luing to £812.80 Kirkland

A Larger Show of 521 Prime Lambs were forward with more companies active. A very good show for quality saw all classes dearer on the week averaging 195.8ppk (SQQ 196.4ppk), many more could be sold to advantage. Sale topped at 210ppk for Texels from Mesr Fergusson, Eastside and to £90 for Texels from Mesr Bunting, Midtown.
Lambs 32.1-39Kg to 210p
Texel to £82 Eastside, £78 Upper Senick, £77 Bush, £76 Shangan
Suffolk to £78.50 Dressertland, £75.50 Sunnyhill
Charollais to £76 Shangan
Lambs 39.1-45.5Kg to 208p
Texel to £90 Midtown, £88 Eastside, £87 Dressertland, £87 Shangan, £87 Cleughbrae
Suffolk to £84.50 (x2) Sunnyhill, £83.50 Borgue
201 Cast Ewes, Rams & Hoggs Forward
Fat Ewes harder to cash, lean Ewes & Hill Ewes dearer. Rams sharp and well fleshed hoggs met an easy selling trade.
Top Prices
Heavy Ewes
Charollais to £100 Midlock
Blue Leicester to £100 Foregirth
Texel to £96 Dollard, £96 Sunnyhill, £95 Bankhead of Tinwald
Suffolk to £94 Shangan
Beltex to £93 Dunnyhill
Mule to £79 Drumburn, £78 High Cairn
Berrichon to £75 Maryfield
Light Ewes
Blackface to £76 Stonehouse, £75 Whitedyke, £74 Foregirth
Cheviot to £66 High Cairn
Suffolk to £113 High Cairn
Blue Leicester to £124, £110 Whitedyke