Road Link From Portpatrick To Ireland To Be Focused On In New Transport Review

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The plans for a new road link by bridge or tunnel between Portpatrick in Southern Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland is to be considered in a new independent review of UK Transport connections led by Sir Peter Hendy.

The UK government is keen to understand whether and how connectivity across the UK can support economic growth and quality of life, particularly as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government asks Sir Peter to undertake a detailed review of how the quality and availability of transport infrastructure across the UK can support economic growth and quality of life across the whole of the UK.

As part of this review, Sir Peter should consider:

  • the quality and reliability of major connections across the UK
  • likely current and future demand for transport links
  • the environmental impact of policy options (including with regard to climate change)
  • existing work completed by the government on cross-UK connectivity

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