Alan Mclellan Going Well On His Dumfries To Portpatrick Cancer Fundraising Trek

Dalbeattie man Alan Mclellan has set off on his challenge to walk the old 1860s port road train line from Dumfries to Portpatrick.

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DGWGO met up with Alan early Friday morning to find out more about his charity walk.

Alan told DGWGO “I’m walking the Port Road Line which is from Dumfries to Portpatrick and I’m doing it to raise funds for cancer research because I have been diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. So I thought I want to do something.

I feel I’m fit and I thought yes the Port Road would be ideal. It’s not a wonderful walk – it’s bulls in fields, brambles, and falling down trees. There’s some parts where you just cannot walk because they’ve built on it there are parts where – even I can’t walk on water – the bridges have gone so you have to sort of walk to the bridge to come back and then carry on walking.

I’m looking forward to it. I’ve been told it’s about 75 miles long. I’m looking forward to the part from Kirkgunzeon, that’s a nice long stretch easy to walk but the rest of it is hit & miss.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

Alan later told us that the first leg of the trek from Dumfries to Dalbeattie went well.