The Perfect Weather for An Umbrella Sky in Dumfries town centre

Umbrella Sky Dumfries
Image Credit: Peter McDonald -

The summer of 2019 had some washout moments, especially in August, so to mark the transition to autumn, Kings Coffee and Books in Dumfries town centre, has erected an Umbrella Sky ‘Tribute to the Summer of 2019’ display spanning Queensberry Street, outside their cafe.

The idea was inspired by the Umbrella Project which originated in Portugal several years ago, but has spread to other European countries. Now it’s in Dumfries. The art installation of different coloured open umbrellas suspended above Queensberry Street popped up overnight Sunday/Monday and has been attracting loads of attention, especially on social media.

Mark Smith, from Kings Coffee and Books, commented today, “It’s been fascinating watching people passing along our street, looking up with big grins on their faces. We just wanted to breathe a bit of colour and fun into our community as the days draw shorter. With so much worry and uncertainty around, one thing we can rely on is the Scottish weather, to bring its regular dose of rainfall. Rather than be miserable, we thought we’d make the most of it by celebrating the humble, friendly umbrella and spread some joy!
“Many people have been posting to Facebook and there’s quite a buzz developing around the town. People have been remembering seeing similar installations in their holiday destinations and now excited to see it happening here at home too. I think it’s a winner!”

The installation runs until mid November and is easy to find, just off the Fountain Square.