Lockerbie Man Behind New Comedy Podcast

A new podcast based in Dumfries and Galloway called Comedy Pilot Presents launches on 15th July 2024.

Created by writer Shaun Baines, who lives near Lockerbie, it is an audio narrative podcast mixing comedy and drama, showcasing the talents of new writers and actors from Dumfries and from around the world.

“Having published six novels, I was approached by a local actor from Dumfries and Galloway asking me to write a comedy screenplay for them. I enjoyed the process and wanted to continue.

“I knew Spielberg wasn’t going to come calling any time soon so I researched how to produce more scripts on my own.

“Although figures vary, a recent report claimed 41% of people in the UK had listened to a podcast in the last month, and the audience is growing.

“I love podcasts. I listen to them while I walk the dog, do the garden and even when I’m in the shower. It felt like a perfect fit.

“Because I also love comedy, I asked writers to send their sitcom pilots – the first episode of a sitcom series – and I received a flood of funny, original writing. I chose the best and worked with the writers to improve the scripts before I was ready to record.

“I returned to that first actor – Jenny Pike – and asked if she could recruit more actors for me. We soon found willing participants from the Guild of Players based at the Theatre Royal Dumfries and from Jenny’s own local group called The Happy Hour Theatre Company.

“It is my hope that the writers and actors can add the podcast to their CV and hopefully find paid employment in the creative industry in the future.

“We record over Zoom and have produced eight comedy scripts for Season 1.”

There are currently two episodes available to download with new episodes launched weekly beginning on the 15th July.

Submissions for Season 2 will open soon and any budding comedy writers and actors are welcome to contact Shaun at comedypilotpresents.com for more information.

The podcasts are available wherever listeners get their podcasts from or they can listen at comedypilotpresents.com.