Vaccination call for remaining 65s and above 

A CALL is being issued for anyone aged 65 and above in the region who has yet to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination to get in touch via the national website and helpline. 


It comes as the vaccination programme in Dumfries and Galloway once again quickens its pace, thanks to the increased availability of national vaccine stocks.


And good progress is being made in the region, with work complete on second dose vaccinations for care home residents and staff – helping to provide them with a greater and longer lasting degree of defence against the coronavirus.


Valerie White, Interim Director of Public Health, said: “An increased national availability of vaccine stocks allows us to increase pace once again on our vaccination programme – which has been continuing to make good progress.


Over the last couple of weeks second dose vaccinations have been provided in all older adult care homes in Dumfries and Galloway – helping to provide further protection to staff and residents. 
“Second dose vaccinations continue to be rolled out to front line health and social care staff, and very shortly will begin for those aged over 80 as we once again move through the cohorts in the order identified by the Scottish Government. 
“It really is important that everyone takes up the opportunity of their second dose vaccination when it is offered. It provides extra training to the body’s own natural defences, and helps ensure the resulting protection is longer lasting.” 


To date, a total of 64,412 first dose vaccinations have been delivered within Dumfries and Galloway.


However, should anyone aged 65 and above not yet have received an invitation to be vaccinated, a call is now being made for anyone in that position to make themselves known.


If you are aged 65 and above, and have not been contacted to receive your first vaccination, please get in touch at the following address.




Alternatively, telephone 0800 030 8013.


Ms White said: “A great deal of work has been taking place to get the COVID-19 vaccinations rolled out in Dumfries and Galloway as quickly as possible. 
“This vaccination provides you with protection as an individual, but being surrounded by lots of people who have been vaccinated helps limit transmission – protecting the wider community as a whole.”
Although the vaccination programme is progressing well, a reminder is once again issued that everyone needs to recognise the dangers which still exist. 
Vaccines do not guarantee full immunity. They provide a degree of protection, and can lessen the severity of the coronavirus and bring down rates of transmission, but they don’t necessarily mean that you cannot catch COVID-19 and pass it on to others. 
Everyone should also be aware that it can take up to 21 days for a degree of immunity to develop. 
It is therefore essential that everyone continues to follow the rules just as diligently as they did before they were vaccinated – to protect themselves and others. 
This means following the FACTS guidance around wearing of face coverings, hand hygiene and maintaining a physical distance and not visiting other people in their homes, and self-isolating and getting tested if you have symptoms of coronavirus. The advice remains very clear – Stay Home, Save Lives. 

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