The Nithraid in Dumfries


DGWGO Roving Reporter, Martin Johnston, was in Dumfries today for The Nithraid.

This daring sailing race took place from Carsethorn to the Caul in Dumfries. The race allowed any form of boat to take part (as long as it had no engine) and the event coincided with the highest flood tide of the year. Nithraid symbolised the historical role of the River Nith as trade route and communication link between Dumfries and the rest of the world.

A cow sculpture (cast in salt) was placed in the river to symbolise the past trade in meat, hides and livestock, and the point in the river where the water gives way to the salt tides. Tethered to the Devorgilla Bridge were long banners which were released in to the water to welcome the first arrivals.

Here are Martin’s pictures for you to enjoy.

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