Several Locals Shortlisted for Scots Language Awards 2021

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Several Dumfries and Galloway folk and organisations have been nominated for the 2021 Scots Language Award and they would appreciate your votes. These nominations are –

Nicola Black – Scots Performer o the Year ,

Susi Briggs and Alan McClure for Oor Wee Podcast – Scots Project o the Year

Troqueer Primary – Scots Schuil o the Year

Colin McKenzie from Troqueer Primary who has been nominated for Scots Teacher o the Year.

You can vote by visiting –

The Scots Leid Awards ceremony itsel wi aa the winners wull be on the nicht o 25th September. The Awards are spreid ower ten categories an alangside o the ‘lifetime achievement award’ gie richtfu recognition tae the mony dedicatit fowk wha ower years lang syne an intae oor ain time gie thir aa tae makin shair the guid Scots leid is keepit tae the fore in its cultur, music an wirds.

Writer & Broadcaster Alistair Heather and social media star and poet Len Pennie will host the inspiring evening, which will also be streamed to international audiences, presenting 12 Awards, including the Janet Paisley Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by Creative Scotland, which this year goes to J. Derrick McClure. A new award called The Scots Champion Award will be presented to John Hodgart, and performers will include Ellie Beaton, Anna Stewart, Cameron Nixon and Gemma Johnson.

Before we get to this please vote for your favourite nominees here.

Scots Writer o the Year sponsored by National Library of Scotland
Alan Bissett
Anna Stewart
Colin Burnett
Victoria McNulty

Scots Book o the Year sponsored by Scottish Book Trust
Duck Feet by Ely Percy (Monstrous Regiment)
Jidi Majia – Mither Tongue (Vagabond Voices)
Tha Jaa Banes by Stephen Dornan (Ulster Scots Academy Press
The Young Team by Graeme Armstrong (Picador)

Media Person o the Year sponsored by Dictionaries of the Scots Language
Alistair Heather
Len Pennie
Littlest Chicken
Mark Thompson
Yer Awrite

Scots Bairns Book o the Year sponsored by Scottish Government
Neeps and Tatties, by Carey Morning
The Glasgow Gruffalo’s Wean, by Elaine C. Smith
The Itchy Coo Book o Grimms’ Fairy Tales in Scots
The Laddie, the Mowdie, the Tod and the Cuddie, by Matthew Fitt
The Nicht Afore Christmas, by Irene McFarlane
The Treisure o Rachlan the Reid, by Susan Rennie

Scots Speaker o the Year Scots Language Centre
Allan “Fermer” Innes
Andy McLaren (James English Podcast)
Iona Fyfe
Jackie Ross
Paul Black

Scots Teacher o the Year sponsored by Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)
Becky Halliburton, St John’s RC Academy
Colin Mackenzie, Troqueer Primary School
Irene Shearer, Clepington primary school
Jane Hall, Stonehouse Primary
Jeremy Murray, Touch Primary
Kerry Fraser, Perth High School
Rosie Bircham, Mearns Academy
Simon McMahon, St Andrew’s Primary

Scots Schuil o the Year sponsored by Itchy Coo / Black & White Publishing
Dunfermline High School
Pentland Primary, Edinburgh
Troqueer Primary School, Dumfries
Westray Junior Secondary School, Orkney

Scots Business o the Year sponsored by Scots Language Society
North East Ballad School
Quirky Coo (Dundee)
Scotts Porridge Oats
The Very Dab, Scottish Water

Scots Performer o the Year sponsored by Tracs
Affa fine – Bothy Bass
Erin Boyle
Hamish MacDonald
Len Pennie
Lewie Watson
Nicola Black

Scots Project o the Year sponsored by Scots Hoose
Iona Fyfe’s Spotify Campaign
It’s Coming (to Our) Home – Scottish Poetry Library
Oor Wee Podcast by Susi Briggs and Alan McLure
Scots Firefox (
Scots Dictionary for Schools app
Shetland Forwirds
The Scots Learning Centre

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